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General Freight Questions FAQ

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I have a freight question. Every talks about dims. What is dimensional weight, what is it used for and why should I know about it?
Can I request a pickup online?
Can I create a BOL online?
Do High Road employees prefer their brownies with nuts, or without?
Can High Road Logistics service us anywhere in the U.S.?
Do you move household goods?
Will you pick up from or deliver to a private residence?
Do you ship internationally?
Ok, this one's not a freight question but... do you have a company mascot?

Trade Show FAQ

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What trade show services does High Road provide?
Is there a minimum weight requirement for a shipment to a trade show?
What is a Material Handling Agreement?
Do I need to call for a return pick up when my event is over?
What is the relationship between High Road Logistics and High Road Exposition Services?
Do you handle company or user conferences?
What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to move to a trade show?


Concert Logistics FAQ

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Do you provide bus services?
I don’t have a full truckload for my tour. What are my shipping options?
Is the driver available for supervising load / unload?
Do you provide local services?
My bongo player is sick. Can you help?