Team Members

  • Thomas Kendrew, Partner/President Golf

    His knowledge and love of New England sports teams is only surpassed by his knowledge and love for the transportation industry he grew up in. Founder of the first Champion Logistics franchise, Tom opened the Boston station in 1988 with a limited bank account, a handful of clients and some serious finger crossing. The only thing more exciting to Tom than a Super Bowl win is a satisfied client. Tom Brady has nothing on our Champion quarterback.

  • Sharon Kendrew, Managing Partner, NashvilleSnoopy

    Like glue, Sharon is the bonding agent for the staff, clients and partners of High Road, preserving the highest level of customer service in the industry. Of course, we mean the good kind of glue-not the kind made from horses.

  • Dave Breen, General Manager

    How many Generals could a General Manager manage if a General Manager did manage Generals? For answers to this and other challenging management questions, Dave is the one to see.

  • Heather Griffin, Account CoordinatorSpiked Heels

    Based in Nashville but servicing clients near and far, Heather coordinates accounts with the same skill and acumen that she account coordinates.

  • Christa Summit, Account SpecialistMystic 8-Ball

    The all-knowing, all-seeing Christa. tracks freight and costs using a skilled and knowledgeable balance of phone, computer, humor, homing pigeons and her trusty magic eight ball.

  • Patrick Duncan, Operations Specialistcoffee cup

    Need a pick me up? Head to your nearest Dunkin' for a coffee! Need your freight picked up? Call Patrick, the "other" Duncan. Patrick doesn't just pick up - he delivers too!

  • Mike Camuso, Account Executive moose-hi_250

    Minus the plastic combs and creepy photographer, Mike is to our clients what picture day is to a grammarschool. A happy vibe fills the building, lights are a bit brighter and smiles are smiled bigger whenever he comes calling.

  • LaDonna Thurston, Executive Assistant cow-boots

    A native of Nashville, TN, LaDonna works to keeps schedules running smoothly and makes the most of meetings while also serving as our translation specialist for those tricky Southern phrases. Working with our clients keeps her happier than a possum eating a sweet tater and busier than a moth in a mitten.